Eight Riveting Realities of Rosy, Rosy Rhodolite

Posted by Gemstones knowledge updates with HappyGems on 20th Jun 2020

Today, we are taking a look at the gorgeous Rhodolite Garnet.

The rhodolite spans the red spectrum of the diverse garnet family. The colours of the rhodolite garnet run the gamut from deep red to a pinkish purple (An Umbalite Garnet). In fact, the name “Rhodolite” is based on a Greek word that means “rose-coloured.” The Raspberry Pink Red and Pinkish-Purple (Umbalite) are the most desirable colors.

If you think that is an interesting fact, well, we haven't even started yet!

1.Rhodolite spans four continents.

The Rhodolite garnet is more widespread than its green-shaded cousin, the (tsavorite garnet). Countries that the Rhodolite garnet calls home include: The USA, Brazil, Kenya, China, Burma and Madagascar. However, the Umba River Valley in Tanzania is the acclaimed source of the world's best Rhodolite Garnets.

2.Bow to the King of Rhodolite!

In the 1978, deep inside the Umba River Valley in Tanzania, a spectacular gemstone was discovered. The stone appears to be just like Rhodolite. However, the spectacular purple pink color produces by these stones are so extremely rich, vivid and lustrous, that it goes beyond any ordinary Rhodolite in the market. Hence, it was given the new name 'Umbalite Garnet". Some even refers to this brilliant stunning purple pink stone as a "King of Rhodolite"

3.Rhodolite is an emotionally healing stone.

Like many other minerals, rhodolite garnets are said to have metaphysical, healing properties. Rhodolite stones in particular are said to cater to the heart, healing negative emotions such as shame, guilt and burdensome memories. Among its physical healing properties is healing ailments of the heart (in the physical as well as emotional sense!), the lungs and the hips. On a spiritual level, rhodolite encourages love both sexual and romantic (which are, naturally, not mutually exclusive!).

4.Rhodolite is good with gold AND silver.

Rhodolite garnets are versatile in that they fit in well with gold or silver settings; you can't lose! Silver settings bring out the rose color of Rhodolite garnets, perfect for the lighter, pinker rhodolite varieties. Meanwhile, gold settings are excellent for bringing out the deeper, violet hues found in virtually every shade of rhodolite, especially the darker varieties.

Rhodolite Garnet’s are used in all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, brooches, and necklaces because their hardness of 7 to 7.5, making it suitable for any piece of jewelry.

5.Rhodolite finds favour with Faberge.

Garnets have been used in jewellery for thousands of years, and in recent centuries, the rich red stones caught the eyes of notable jewellery manufacturers like Faberge (who continue to make Rhodolite jewellery to this very day). The Rhodolite scarab brooch, which was manufactured from 1801 to 1947, is an excellent and sought-after example of Faberge’s use of the Garnet. The brooch consisted of garnet, gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel, and silver.

6.Rhodolite garnets have fun nicknames.

Rhodolite Garnets – the name itself can be a little bit of a mouthful sometimes. Many jewelers may choose to use its more exotic sounding, fantasy names such as the Arizona Ruby, the Montana Ruby, the New Mexico Ruby, or the Arizona Spinel.

7.Red – like the Rhodolite – is the most common color of garnet.

Garnet is less of a singular gemstone and more of a group of roughly 10 different kinds of gemstones, classified according to their chemical composition and color. Garnets can also come in yellow,greens and brilliant oranges. The only color that garnets don’t usually come in is blue.

Greenish Blue garnets can occur, however, they can really only be found in garnets that change color. As far as we know, there are no non-color changing blue garnets in existence.

8.It apparently made great bullets!

Though not exclusively limited to rhodolite garnets, these gorgeous gemstones were used for something more fatal than just killer looks.

Centuries ago, the garnets were used to make bullets for Asiatic tribes; they believed garnets were deadlier than the lead variety. The Hanza (a tribe of people living in northern Pakistan) fighting against British troops back in the 1890s is the latest recording of the use of garnets as weaponry. Yeowch!

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